How to and why clean and disinfect make up brushes 

If you someone that wears make up often, or even only occasionally, but then experience unfamiliar breakouts, pay attention!

You might be removing your make up properly, cleansing your skin thoroughly after wearing make up, but that’s not where the problem lies. It’s the application of make up with dirty make up tools. Dirt and bacteria gets trapped inside your make up brushes which commonly causes breakouts and uneven skin texture. Did you know that your brushes needs to be cleansed on a regular basis…?

Spot cleaning your brushes while applying make up is a quick, easy and effective way especially if you using brushes for multiple purposes. I recommend the Mac cosmetics brush cleanser for this. But the brush cleanser is used while or just before make up application on a daily basis. However it does not ensure your brushes are thoroughly, deeply cleansed. Here’s how to deep clean your brushes every 1 and a half to 2 weeks:

In a bowl or plate, add about 15ml’s antibacterial liquid soap plus 10ml’s extra virgin olive oil. The antibacterial will ensure your tools are well cleansed, and the extra virgin olive oil will condition and soften your brushes. Taking your dirty brush, swirl the brush in this mixture, then rub brush in the palm of your hand and rinse in lukewarm water till all the dirt is completely gone. The water should run clear from your brush and that’s when you know it’s clean. Proceed to use this method for all your make up brushes. If you have a number of brushes like I do, add another 15ml’s antibacterial liquid soap plus 10ml’s extra virgin olive oil (always add less oil to the mixture). Once they have all been cleansed, ring as much water as you can out of the brushes very gently (as the bristles are brittle when wet) and place on a paper towel overnight to dry.

Alternatively, use baby shampoo instead of andtibacterial liqiud soap and extra virgin olive oil. Or if your face cleanser did not work out for your skin, use that as your make up brush cleanser.


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