My Vanity

Hey beauties! Just thought I’d share a quick post on my vanity (I’m so in love with it). Not trying to brag or show off but I worked hard for this thing and bought it with my own cash, no one gave it to me or bought it for me, hence why I also treasure […]

Why The Long Face?

  As we all know humans are not constantly happy. We go through sadness, loneliness, unhappiness, feel uninspired, unmotivated and depressed from time to time.  Accept that it’s part of life and part of the struggle. But I always keep in mind that no matter what situation we faced with in life, it’s how you react and handle […]

My Makeup Journey…

Hey beauties! I just watched Shaanxo do a video on the power of makeup. I’ve seen Nikkytutorials do this video as well a couple of others too. So I thought I’d share my journey on makeup… For someone that’s obsessed with makeup, I actually started wearing makeup (as in a full face) quiet ‘late’ at […]

My Makeup Color Series: Purple 

Hey beauties! I trust that all is well with everyone😊 let me tell you a lil’somethaang, I absolutely love the way this turned out hey! 💜 my daughter’s fav color is purple and when she saw this look she screamed haha. The purple glitter definitely topped it off. The eyeshadow’s I used are very similar […]

My Top 5 Nail Colors

Hey beauties! So whenever I cannot decide which colors to wear from season to season, I usually paint my nails these colors: Wet ń Wild ‘Casting call’ and Essie ‘tassel shaker’ (although I’m not a fan of Essie, hence why I only use it on the accent nail). My go to/ most loved nail color. […]