My Sexy Summer Essentials 

Hey beauties! So we going to bring some #sexyback with this post. Underwear is one of my favorite clothing items to shop for and so much fun. A woman can never have too much underwear right? It’s the first item of clothing placed on our body’s in the morning so make it your best even if no body will see it. Personally, a pair of good underwear can boost up my confidence and add a kick start to a fierce day😉This is my favorite piece of underwear that definitely makes me feel like Foxy Cleopatra and a whole lotta woman! It’s very feminine, love the color, super comfy and sexy at the same time.

So speaking about lingerie, ladies (or gents) please check out Adore Me’s website featuring a bunch of thee dopest, sexiest, eye-popping, unique underwear that will appeal to woman of ALL ages and ALL sizes. I was amazed at their unique style while browsing the website and so many different ranges and so much to choose from. Underwear heaven.  How cute is the name of the company!

Here are their details:



Have a sexy day 😉
Thanks for stopping by😊
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