Liebster Award

Hey Beauties!     I’d like to thank the beautiful Stormi aka Vividlylovely for this nomination. She’s such an inspiring, absolutely stunning blogger whom I’ve recently got to know through the blogging community. What caught my attention is her eyes, take one look and you’ll understand why. My favorite posts from her to read are the […]

Liebster Award 🏆🏅

Hey Beauties!   I’d like to give a special thanks to Lise for nominating me for this award. She’s one of the first couple of bloggers I came across when I started blogging and love the support system we share with one another. Again, thank you so much doll:)   RULES: Acknowledge the blogger who nominated […]

Liebster Award/ Tag

Hey beauties! I would like to thank Ingrid for nominating me on the Liebster award. I feel like we have so much in common with her being a makeup artist and an esthetician. Please check out her stunning blog and send my love. She’s so beautiful! P.s. I would like to thank other bloggers for nominating be […]