My Choker Collection

Hey Beauties! Thought I'd share a short post on my choker collection. It's not that many but if I'd known chokers were going to be a comeback I would have kept all mine from the 90's. I use to love chokers with tons of rings on my fingers and long nails, thought I looked so […]

OOTD 22/7/2017

Hey Beauties! Just a quick OOTD😊 details will be listed below. Hope you having a fabulous weekend! Dress: Mr Price (I purchased this in store, not online) Heels: Shoe City (Also in store not online) Choker: Mr Price     Thanks for stopping by 😊

My backpack collection 🎒

Hey Beauties! Just wanted to share a quick post on my current backpack collection. All these bags were purchased at Mr Price excluding one of them which was a gift. I’ve been loving backpacks lately as I’ve taken lots of strain on one of my shoulders, so wearing a stylish backpack doesn’t cause further strain on the […]