The 411 On Lash Lifting 

Hey Beauties! Everything you need to know about Lash Lifting will hopefully be explained in this post. I’ve had eye lash extensions before and honestly it is quiet high maintenance having it filled as lashes grow out or fall out. I am glad lash lifting has become popular and a more affordable, low maintenance option. […]

Would You Dare To Go Bare? 

Hey beauties!   Jumping right in and talking about something us as woman should be talking more about. I know this is a beauty blog and I’m always talking about and recommending products to conceal this, correct that, anti age this, achieve this perfect look by using and doing this. And honestly as much as […]

2016 Favorites 

Hey beauties! So here are my 2016 favorites that I’ve loved throughout the year. It’s not many as these are products/ accessories I constantly wore more than just a couple of times. Can’t wait to see all of yours as well😉 Accessories: Polo Handbag and Polo Wallet. I received this as a gift for my […]