My Perfume Collection 

Hey beauties! Let’s talk about one of my fav topics…perfumes 😊 as you can tell I don’t have one signature scent I reach for on a daily basis because I wear a different perfume almost everyday. But these perfumes I wear for specific occasions or reasons. The type of scent I gravitate towards is very […]

2016 Favorites 

Hey beauties! So here are my 2016 favorites that I’ve loved throughout the year. It’s not many as these are products/ accessories I constantly wore more than just a couple of times. Can’t wait to see all of yours as well😉 Accessories: Polo Handbag and Polo Wallet. I received this as a gift for my […]

My current obsessions 

Hey beauties! I don’t do the traditional monthly favorites, but every couples of months or so I do posts on my current obsessions. Herewith I present you the list: I’ve been slowly but surely purchasing a lot from Sheet Street. Their household items and decor are eye catching yet so affordable. I’ve been literally obsessed […]

Current Beauty Favorites 

Hey beauties! I got the ‘bad news’ out the way a couple of posts ago talking about my current disappointing products. Now I bring you the good news and products I’ve been luuuurving lately. Products listed in no particular order. First up is the Revlon Parfumerie nail enamel. Sounds fancy right? I have a couple […]

Versace Yellow Diamond

As I am a perfume collector, I’m at it again with another recent perfume I’ve been adoring. This Versace perfume smells floral but fresh which are the scents I gravitate towards. Even though it’s described as a day time perfume, it’s perfect for evenings too and in my opinion appropriate. It’s well suited for a […]

Chanel Eau Tendre Perfume 

Love at first sniff!! This is truly one of the best smelling Chanel perfumes I’ve ever smelt. The scent lasts all day, and is perfect for special occasions, afternoon lunch, or a woman on the go. Personally it’s a day time perfume, for either summer, spring or even autumn as it has a hint of […]